Next meetup on Campus Madrid: Proxmox VE

Hello everyone Next friday, 1st of December I’ll be at Campus Madrid giving a brief introduction to Proxmox VE and how to use it. Proxmox is an open-source server virtualization enviroment. It allows the deployment and management of containers (LXC) and virtual machines KVM. Proxmox includes a web console some console and command-line tools and a REST API for third party tools. ** Update: ** We’re moving the meetup to Thursday 14th of December.

Mad4Hacking meetup: Introduction to Openstack

Last friday I was invited by Mad4Hacking to a Meetup cycle about virtualization. In my session, I have the opportunity to talk about OpenStack and related technologies, like Ceph. If you want to take a look into you can find the slides here. See you in the next meetup!

Improving your VM performance in OpenStack: NUMA and CPU Pinning

Improving your VM performance in OpenStack: NUMA and CPU Pinning Memory has a large impact in the performance of your workload. This affirmation is specially true if your workload is running on a VM, so you must be careful with your memory and NUMA if your machine supports it. But wait! What is NUMA? In the past, processors had been designed as Symmetric Multi-processing or Uniform Memory Architecture machines, which means that all processors shared the same access to all memory available in the system.

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